Natural Dye Striped Tote Bag



White & Salmon, represent the sun.  The source of energy in the galaxy, sacred to provide the nutrients and energy for the life force. Represented by the nahual Ajpu symbol of greatness, of regenerative force of the spirit and life.

White & Aqua, representing the wind. Purifier of our body through the breath, the cleanse and purity of our spirit, represented by the nahual Iq' which means lightning, storm, and currents of air.

White & Teal, representing the earth. Considered our mother, forming creator that provides food to live. Represented by the nahual I'x which means the feminine energy, mountains, hills, and volcanoes. 

White & Blue, represent the water. The element that helps grow the plants, purifies represented by the nahual Imox, a symbol of the rivers, lakes, seas, and the spirit of the rain.

Multicolor, representing complementarity. Is the constant tuning of the four vital elements: Water, Sun, Earth, and Wind. Harmonious coexistence is the sense of the natural cycle, each one making a path for the other. These paths are expected and unified for the formation of life in the universe. 

Coral F170.1

Aqua F170.17


100% Handwoven cotton, naturally dyed.
Hand wash.


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