About us

We connect people across cultures in beneficial relationships for the betterment of our world.

“We believe the market can be a source of life and happiness.  For centuries, markets have united people in exchange networks that sustain life.  We are creating an economy that meets the needs of people and is ecologically, culturally and spiritually sustaining.”


AlterNatives is an indigenous and woman owned establishment built upon the idea that the marketplace is a sacred space in which everyone should recieve access to equal opportunity. We work directly and with the local and international artisans who make our products and form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with them.



AlterNatives Boutique is more than a business. It is a social enterprise formed by Highland Support Project (HSP) to develop fair trade and direct trade market opportunities for indigenous producers. Our goal is to help create a space where indigenous peoples can compete in the global marketplace, therefore giving them the opportunity to provide for and improve their communities.


Over the past two decades, AlterNatives has raised funds that support behavioral health programs and community development projects in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Arizona. With better living wages, indigenous people are able to better access healthy food, clean water, and better healthcare.


By purchasing from AlterNatives, your money will go directly to aiding indigenous artisans, primarily the indigenous womxn, who make the goods sold here. This provides them with the capital necessary to invest in better works spaces, living conditions, and overall quality of life, while allowing them to maintain sacred traditions, especially those surrounding traditional marketplace culture.