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Gold Cordierite Set

Gold Cordierite Set

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Introducing our Gold Cordierite Set—a symphony of elegance and charm combines dainty allure with timeless sophistication. The necklace, crafted with a delicate chain spanning 18.5 inches, features five teal-ish cordierite gems, each just shy of 3 inches apart. These gems, showcasing the enchanting hues of cordierite, lend a touch of sophistication to the wearer. The earrings, with pendants measuring about half an inch and just a little longer than one inch in total, boast two cordierite gems delicately connected by small loops. At Alternatives, we take pride in offering exquisite jewelry and ensuring ethical practices in our sourcing. Adorn yourself with the understated beauty of the Gold Cordierite Set—a testament to grace and responsible craftsmanship.

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