Elvia Chiché

Elvia Chiché

My name is Elvia and I am from Palajunoj Valley, a village on the outskirts of Xela. My dream was to continue studying, but I wasn’t able to have this opportunity. When I was 12 years old I started working in the field and go with my mother to sell vegetables in Xela.

After a couple years I decided to search for a second job in Xela, a shop hired me and I wasn't happy beacuse they were always judging me beacuse of my culture and the Mayan clothes I wear but I really needed the money so I stayed there until my sister told me about AMA and she told me they were looking for someone to do cleaning, after a few days I had an interview and started working very soon. Then a woman started teaching me how to sew when I had free time and I learned really fast, the first time I started to sew, it took me three days to make a small bag, nowadays I can sew six small bags a day. 

I'm happy to be part of Pixan and thankful for all the new opportunities to improve my knowldge and also for the opportunity to share what I have learned with other woman who are part of the project. I love to spend my time in the workshop! 

⋘Pixan is always supporting women in the communities but one of the most important things is that when you make a purchase you aren't supporting just one woman, you are supporting entire families and helping them to grow and prosper.⋙

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