May 14, 2018

The Mayan cosmovision is a value system that interprets and relates the world, life, things and time; it is also the explanation and how to size the Universe and Nature. Through the Tzolkin (Cholq'ij), the Cosmovision links the human beings with all the elements around them, with the visible things and the forces that we can only feel. It is a philosophy of life that encourages material wealth but also the satisfaction or fullness of spirit.

This way of explaining the world, life, and things, is defined as a cosmogonic, binding and holistic vision, which is now an alternative to building a harmonious society, respectful with profound human freedom.

The Mayan Grandmothers and Grandfathers, (the ancestors), bequeathed us a worldview, a set of principles and values that allows us to understand that "everything is connected", from the spiritual to the physical-biological, shaping the eternal unity between humanity and nature.

Consequently, the Mayan worldview, the cosmovision, is the way you feel, live, think, analyze, act and understand the relationship between people who live together and respect the Cosmos. "Nature is the mother who feeds us, keeps, and harbors and shelters us when we live and die."

Our ancestors, fathers, Mayan grandmothers and grandfathers, gift us accurate records of the cycle of time, based on the movements of celestial bodies, among them the orbit of Venus, Mars, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and of the other stars in the galaxy.

The calculations of the cycles of the Sun are applied at planting/sowing and the development of human and cosmic community through the Cholq'ij (Tzolkin).

There are natural cycles and ritual cycles. The lunar calendar or lunar cycle is applied to the reproductive life of women especially, this cycle is one of the thermometers used by the Mayan therapist, the midwife (comadrona). She understands that health goes beyond the physical, as it transcends the western perspective of the process.

Another dimension of health from this perspective is the collective, which also has relevance and relationship with other human beings. It is not enough to be good individually, it means being in harmony with and others, to get the complete wellness. 

The Sacred Calendar is also in sync with our own body. The human body has 13 main joints and 20 fingers total. So we can consider the energy generated by the combination of 13x20 as the genetic heritage of our galaxy. "To stay healthy we need to understand the cosmos, love nature and feel part of the universe." Surely, for this beautiful pattern, we could continue to cultivate the significant relationship between knowledge, politics and daily life. Without love there can be no real knowledge, the exercise of political solidarity is impossible. Without love, a relationship cannot grow every day.

"We ourselves are a universe of love."

"Sadly humanity is divided by a difference of view to interpret the world, the human being, his reason for life and destiny. Western culture found its answer in a form of material reasoning while the Eastern world has been developed on the basis of a natural thought. (Don Isidro, Mayan wise)


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