Bracelets with Purpose

Bracelets with Purpose

"Individual dreams are strong and collective dreams are unstoppable!"

Wakami is a system that empowers underpriviliged communities and connects them to markets around the world. Wakami's accessories are handcrafted with care by women in rural villages of Guatemala. Wakami generates income opportunities and access to products and servicies for our local entrepeneurs and their families that improve their quality of life.

Dreams + Opportunities = Change

The story of wakami's bracelets started in the villages of our beautiful Guatemala, in remote places where there were big dreams and scarce opportunites. All the people in the villages said: "If you can sell what we produce, the rest we can do. What we need is a source of income." This is why wakami decided to create beautiful products, products that would be messengers of those dreams and hopes."

People in the villages were right, these products are changing their lives but what we did not expect, was that they would change the live of all of us wearing their products.

We have the power in our hands to transform anything we dream and we realized that if each one of us brings our talents we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We realize that in spite of the challenges of the world, we have hope. The hope that comes when people hold hands, when people dream together, when people travel this journey of life together, when people dare to dream big with others!!

Now you can find Wakami's bracelets at AlterNatives store. Don't forget that each bracelet has a meaning and more than a meaning it has a story behind of the amazing person who invest time and effort to make it. Also, in every purchase you are providing a income to a entire family!! ♥ ♥

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