Handcrafted Persian Turquoise Earrings

Bora Handcrafted Jewelry


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One-of-a-kind: Each piece of BORA jewelry is a unique creation, handmade by Bora & his team in NYC

Handcrafted Persian Gemstones Earrings are beauties and with a stone so beautiful who could deny such a fact? As one of the most recognizable and consistent gemstones turquoises has been around since about 6,000 BC. Persia is known to have one of the oldest natural turquoise mines in the world, and with such beauty to behold this sky-blue gem has been a status of wealth, a health talisman, and a fashionably chic gemstone.

Genuine Persian Turquoise 

Stone Size: 1cm X 0.5cm 

Earring Size: 2.3cm X 1.3cm 

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