Bracken Fern Ring

Elegant Garden Design


This gorgeous decorative ring is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create a signature rusted texture and iconic look. It is a stunning accent when hung inside, on a front porch for visitors to admire, or even from a tree branch in your backyard.

This Bracken Fern Ring features a detailed design that beautifully showcases the highly divided leaves that are the signature of Bracken Ferns. Bracken Ferns are natural fractals: each of its leaves looks like a smaller version of the branch from which it grew, which then looks like a smaller version of the entire plant. If you’re a math lover, display this fractal marvel in your home or backyard! 



This gorgeous piece of metal garden art is so easy to display. It includes a chain so that you can easily hang it wherever you’d like as soon as it arrives! 

Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold out the branches and leaves to awaken their life-like charm!

To preserve the paint and protect your design for years to come, consider seasonally adding a coat of clear Satin Lacquer to your metal garden art. 

Dimensions: 14" diameter

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