Great Blue Heron

Elegant Garden Design


13 inches. Made from recycled metal and treated for a rustic look, perfect to complete any space indoors or outdoors.

Great Blue Herons, the largest North American heron, are unique and majestic birds that are often spotted soaring over waterways. You might spot a heron standing in the exact stance depicted upon your next visit to the river, as they assume often a still, statue-like posture to stealthily hunt for fish. 


This metal garden art is easy to mount with a 90° angled tab and pre-drilled screw holes added to each piece. Mount your product to a window, tree branch, pergola, fence, trellis, garden gate, or an old log in the backyard. The possibilities are endless! 

Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold the wing out to awaken its life-like charm!

Dimensions: 14.5" tall x 13.2" wide

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