Impacts of Choosing Fair Trade

Impacts of Choosing Fair Trade


Picture yourself strolling through Target, or any other department store. What do you ask yourself? Many people tend to ask themselves what they can buy. Consider the difference in asking yourself what you should buy or why. Following the direction created by the latter questions facilitates the consideration of your purchasing decisions and its implications. One may consider the impacts on their own life and of others around the globe. A common mistake is to think that the purchase of a t-shirt or handbag is just for yourself. Every purchase has both local and global effects.
  • Choosing Fair Trade supports community cooperatives. Through cooperative structures, Fair Trade artisans and small farmers pool funds granting access to working capital.

  • Supports victims of political violence, government instability, and poverty to recover and regain behavioral and mental health.

  • Breaks cycles of dependency through empowerment.

  • Choosing Fair Trade supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Choosing Fair Trade fashion means you will get a quality items, from the hands of positivity and sincerity.

  • Fair Trade and direct trade enables fair wages. This breaks the cycles of poverty by creating opportunity for indigenous artisans.

  • Fair Trade and direct trade connects you with individuals from all around the world. It shares with you the teachings of different cultures.

  • Choosing Fair Trade breaks down the barriers between peoples and cultures.

So here’s your call to action. You have the ability to choose what to do with your purchasing power; and that ability is a luxury. Use the opportunity to support the kind of future you would like to see. Make a conscious decision to buy Fair Trade in support of a fair life and giving opportunity to artisans and the world.
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